Grinding wheel dicing machine

HAD1610 Dicing Saw machine

1.Maximum cutting size is 6 inches, can be customized with special countertops and cutting frames

2.With Small size ,  well space saving

3.Easy operation, using advanced touch screen control GUI interface

4.Selection of blade breakage detection (BBD),Selection of Non contact altimeter (untouched)NCS)

5.The core components such as the spindle are imported and can be adjusted as needed

6.High cutting precision and stable performance


6 inch IC wafer  blue glass, silicon, gallium arsenide, lithium niobate, alumina, ceramics, quartz, sapphire, crystal, PCB platePrecision cutting of such materials; widely used.Optical optoelectronic, communication, triode, IC, LED, NTC, photovoltaic, medical devices, scintillation crystalsAnd other industries.


Conditions of use:

1. please set the machine in a 20~25 C environment (the range of fluctuation is within + 1 c); the indoor humidity is less than 80%, and there is no condensation.

2. please use the air pressure dew point below -15 C, the residual oil is 0.1ppm, the filtration degree is above 0.01um/99.5, clean compressed air.

3. please control the water temperature of the cutting water at room temperature of +2 C (within the range of + 1 c), and the water temperature of the cooling water is the same as that of the room temperature (the fluctuation range is controlled at + 1 degrees Celsius).

4. please avoid the gravity impact of the equipment and any vibration threat from the outside world. In addition, please do not install the equipment near the blower, the vent, the high temperature device and the oil producing device.

5. please install the equipment in a waterproof floor and a place with drainage treatment.

6. please do the operation in strict accordance with the instructions of the company's products.

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