Our Talent Concept
  • The company believes in the human resources concept of "people are the smallest business unit", invests, supports, develops, nurtures and manages people as a business unit, invests generously in the improvement of employees' individualized capabilities, and provides a platform for employees' value creation. Improve the work efficiency of employees, establish an empowering corporate culture and harmonious organizational cooperation, implement employee care projects for employees' physical and mental health, and share development results with employees.
  • The company pays attention to creating a fair, just and open environment for talent competition, and openly selects talents through various methods such as competition for posts, talent echelon selection, talent review, performance management, etc., to break the qualification restrictions, and make a large number of outstanding talents stand out and grow rapidly.
  • The company not only attaches importance to the creation of personal value, but also emphasizes the synergy of the organization. Through the building of organizational capacity and the building of a learning organization, each employee can quickly acquire the capabilities required by the organization and achieve the organizational synergy effect of "1+1=2", which is a great way to help the company. Customers provide fast, high-quality products and services.
Our Talent Standards
  • A person with considerable professional knowledge and skills;
  • Responsible and loyal to duty;
  • A person who understands the overall situation and can become one with the company;
  • People with innovative ideas and continuous improvement;
  • Potential people who can take on important responsibilities in the company.
we pursue
  • For all kinds of professional talents introduced, the group will give priority to handling procedures such as household registration and file adjustment, and fully implement the relevant preferential policies and regulations of the province and city.
  • For professionals who carry scientific and technological achievements and achieve significant benefits, the beneficiary enterprises will be rewarded with a certain percentage of after-tax profits.
  • The company establishes a "company group talent database" for all qualified talents, and selects the company's middle and senior management personnel first.
  • The company provides sufficient training opportunities and employment development plans for senior managers and various professionals to help talents continuously improve their comprehensive quality.
  • Establish a healthy competition platform for talents, encourage talents to take greater responsibility, give full play to their potential, and realize self-worth while realizing corporate value.
  • The company has set up "caring staff" to care for and help talents in an all-round way, and create a hometown of family affection.
People are the smallest business unit
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